Congress led UDF likely to win Kerala – post poll surveys

The Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF) will take Kerala, albeit with a slim majority of 5-10 seats, according to post poll surveys announced today.

While the ASIANET – CFORE survey predicts around 75 seats (out of the total of 140) for Congress and Muslim League’s UDF, the Left front will have to be satisfied with just 62-63 seats. BJP may get one or two seats.

UDF will get 44% votes while LDF will get 43% votes, the survey predicted. BJP will get 10% of the votes, according to Asianet CFORE.

BJP had just 5% of the votes in the 2006 elections.

Total seats — 140
Congress+ — 75 [72-82]
Left+ — 63 [58-68]
BJP — [0-2]
Sample size — 6213

However, according to the Headlines Today poll, Congress led UDF will win comfortably.

UDF (Cong) 85-90 seats
LDF (Left) 45-60 seats