Kerala Christians overwhelmingly vote for Congress led UDF

The Congress alliance in Kerala got a large part of their votes from the Syrian and other Christian voters, according to Asianet CFORE post poll survey.

The Christians, particularly the Syrian Christians, emerged as the most coherent and cogent voting force — directing a whopping 75% of their votes to Congress alliance. Christians make up around 25% of Kerala’s voters.

The second coherent block was that of Ezhava-Thiyya — which makes up about half of the Hindu population of Kerala. 57% of them would vote for Left DF, while only 33% would vote for UDF (Congress.)

Muslims, around 22-25% of Kerala population, would vote evenly, with around 50% going with the Congress alliance while 47% would vote for LDF.

BJP would get most of its votes from OBC’s (excluding Ezhava-Thiya) and Upper Caste Hindus. They are expected to constitute around 15-18% of Kerala’s population.

UDF 50%
LDF 47%

Syrian Christians
UDF 75%
LDF 23%

Upper Caste Hindu
UDF 46%
LDF 35%
BJP 17%

UDF 33%
LDF 57%
BJP 9%

UDF 40%
LDF 37%
BJP 20%

UDF 38%
LDF 55%
BJP 3%