Jairam Ramesh amends Green Tribunal rules after media report

Union environment minister Jairam Ramesh has removed a clause requiring compensation-seekers from depositing 1% of their requested compensation upfront with the application.

The move came after a media report that criticised the provision as the Government trying to “make the victim pay for justice.”

Ramesh said the intention was to deter non-serious applicants and there already was a waiver for those who belonged to the ‘below poverty line’ group.

“The original intention was to discourage non bona fide and mischievous parties from bringing frivolous suits to harrass other agencies and individuals through the medium of the tribunal,” he pointed out, adding that no such provision should be allowed to come in the way of justice and redressal.

The Green Tribunal, when fully operational, will have total jurisdiction over all civil compensation cases relating to the implementation of environment laws such as the Environment Protection Act of 1986.