Monsoon to be 98% of average

IMD expects monsoon to be normal this year for June to September.

It sees a very low probability of seasonal rainfall to be deficient.
Rainfall, on an average will be 98% of long period average, from 91-2000.

IMD said the cooler than normal summer or intermittent rainfall in North India has not been correlated with a poor monsoon in the past and therefore, there is no reason to worry.

They also said two of the five indicators were favorable to a strong monsoon while three were neutral.

If La Nina turns into El Nino, we shall revise the prediction (downwards), officials said.

They also said the summer heat is expected to set in in full force by May and June, despite a slow start.

Temperatures in April so far have been lower than normal in most of the Northern hemisphere, IMD said, pointing to the thicker than normal polar icecap from October to April.