India’s likely to miss target for renewables this year

India has managed to convert nearly 20% of its potential for non-solar renewable energy to installed capacity, but is likely to miss its yearly target this year.

According to numbers, the total non-solar installed generation capacity at the end of January 2011 was 18,800 megawatt, almost 1,000 megawatt short of the target.

The government had achieved around 16,810 megawatt of grid-connected renewable power capacity at the end of last financial year (March 2010), adding 2330 megawatt during the year against a target of 3226 mw. It had set a target of adding another 2972 megawatt this year.

However, according to the latest numbers, it is likely to miss the target, having added only around 2,000 mw in the first ten months.

However, in an encouraging sign, the total grid-connected solar capacity has gone from 8 mw in March to 32 mw at the end of January 2011.