Retail prices increase 10.8% in January

India’s consumer price index has jumped by 10.8% in January, on of the steepest rates of price increases.

Price increases are calculated on the basis of surveys conducted by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) to find out what ordinary people consume the most, and how the prices have changed in the market.

An increase of 11% in consumer prices means that unless people’s income and salaries are increasing by at least 11% a year, they are getting poorer every year.

The year-on-year price increase in January is higher than that of December, when consumer prices had increased by 10.6%

All India provisional General (all groups), Group and Sub- Group level CPI numbers of January 2013 for rural, urban and combined are given in Annex I. The General Indices for rural, urban and combined are 127.4, 124.9 and 126.3 respectively.

Inflation rates for rural and urban areas for December were 10.74% and 10.42% respectively.