First AMD Fusion laptop launched in India

Sony has become the first computer firm to launch AMD’s Fusion brand in India.

The firm, which has been targeting the mass market in India recently, announced a new laptop with the highest powered Fusion chip yet — the E-350 dual core 1.6 GHz processor.

The AMD Fusion is a revolutionary design from AMD that has been in the making for four years. Unlike normal CPUs, it has a ‘programmable’ graphics core built in, which can be used to assist the CPU in times on need. It also consumes less than half the power of a normal laptop chip, while delivering better playback of video, games etc..

HP was the first to announce a laptop on the platform, the dmz1, which has around 10 hours of battery and will cost around Rs 24,000 when it will be launched in India.

Sony did not reveal the battery life expected from the Vaio YB series, to be made available in stores by February 2. The machine, however, will cost around Rs 26,000.