Police chase away protesters outside the prohibitory zone in Delhi

The Government has sent a huge police force to scatter would-be marchers from the Anna Hazare anti-corruption movement in Delhi.

According to an appeal by Prashant Bhushan, one of the top leaders of the anti-corruption agitation, many protesters were turning up at the Pragati Maidan metro station in New Delhi for a mach.

The Pragati Maidan station area is outside the curfew zone and was considered a safe place to protest.

However, the police armed with sticks and bullet-proof vests chased away the protesters trickling in.

There is one more event planned by the protestors in Delhi today – a candle-light march at the historic India Gate at 7 pm. It is not clear whether the Police would use force to prevent people from assembling there.

Nearly 1,400 people have already been rounded up into make-shift detention camps for protesting the early morning arrest of Anna Hazare. Hazare himself has been sent to a jail which is now home to most of India’s top convicted politicians and officials.