Government may be the first to blink in stand-off with Anna and supporters

The government seems to have been taken by surprise by the outpouring of support in favor of anti-corruption crusaders led by Anna Hazare.

According to sources, it is considering holding talks with the group once again.

Meanwhile, Anna Hazare has been reportedly moved to the Tihar jail after he refused bail conditions including not calling for further protests in areas under Section 144.

It is, however, unclear what the terms of the talks will be, as the Government has, in the past, said the sole right to “make laws” in India is with itself and the Parliament.

Talks had broken down a month ago after both sides stuck to their initial positions when the first round of talks were started three months ago.

However, according to sources, the Government did not expect the popular surge in activism and mass arrests that has followed the arrest of Anna Hazare.

It had managed to put a quick end to a similar campaign by a Yoga teacher Baba Ramdev in early June by arresting and deporting the Yogi.

However, in case of Anna Hazare and others, the arrest has simply led to country-wide demonstrations involving tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people, pouring out onto the streets.

Hundreds have courted arrests in the last few hours and are now detained in makeshift jails inside sports stadia and other such places. Delhi and Mumbai have seen the highest level of arrests and demonstrations, followed by Bangalore and other cities.

Unlike the Baba, Anna Hazare’s India Against Corruption alliance has a mass network of volunteers across the country, which is now coming into action. Most of the organizational work was done by information activist Arvind Kejriwal, who has a decade of experience in organizing protest movements.


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