Dr Sachan was tortured and killed: UP chief secy Shashank Shekhar

UP chief secretary Shashank Shekar has confirmed that Dr YS Sachan, who was found hanging in a jail hospital in Lucknow today morning, was tortured with sharp instruments before being killed.

“According to the post mortem (autopsy), there were 9 injuries on his body. Eight of them were made with sharp weapons.. Injuries were found on his neck, thighs, wrist etc..,” Shekhar said, adding that all the top officials of the jail have been dismissed, including the jailor, deputy jailor etc..

He was killed by cutting his vein at his wrist.

He confirmed that Dr Sachan had confessed to knowing about a scam in the implementation of the National Rural Health Scheme when he was questioned a few days before he was killed.

He said the government has videographed most of the relevant incidents in the case, including his confession, the aftermath of the post-mortem etc.. He final statement was taken two days ago.

“Whatever we have done in this case has been done in a completely transparent way,” he said.

Sachan was supposed to have been presented in a Court today where the Police were set to ask for his custody to question him. His death has made it difficult to get more information about who were behind the scam in the Scheme.

Shekhar Singh urged the media to not be taken in by the accusations of the opposition parties and see that the state government is doing everything in a transparent and above-board way.

“In his interrogation, Dr Sachan agreed that there was a scam and that that BP Singh [who was killed before Sachan] was after him,” he said.


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