Bollywood Actor Imran Khan to lauch facebook page against drinking ban

Bollywood actor Imran Khan has decided to launch a new facebook page to gauge popular support to his recent campaign against what he sees as the interference of the Maharashtra government into personal freedoms.

Imran Khan had earlier said that he will lodge a public interest litigation against the move to make it illegal for anyone younger than 25 to consume alchohol.

“It will help be find out how much support I have in this campaign,” he said.

He said he did not support drinking and understands the health and social effects of drinking, but he felt he had to stand up for his rights to make his own independent decisions and be considered as an adult.

“I am afraid that this will lead to other legislations.. The government will say you should not be a writer, you should not be a journalist.. It leads to hand holding. At some point, you should say look he’s an adult. Let him take his decision,” he said.

Khan, nephew of actor Amir Khan and a US citizen, seems to have inherited some of the ‘social campaigning’ spirit of his uncle.

“If you feel this person is responsible enough to choose the government, choose his life-partner, have children, join the military and defend the country.. should he not be able to decide whether or not to drink,” he asked.

Most, if not all of the celebrity campaigns in recent times have turned out to have been publicity stunts intended at diverting attention to the star’s upcoming movies.