Mumbai Police arrest Nihal Tanna for fraud & impersonation in J Dey murder case

The Mumbai police have arrested one suspect in the investigation of the journalist J Dey, charging him with trying to cheat the reporter by posing as a Government officer.

Nihal Tanna has been sent to police custody for three days, during which time he will be interrogated for getting any leads about the murder. He was originally arrested in a forgery case.

He has been booked under two sections of the Indian Penal Code — section 170 and 420 — relating to impersonation, cheating and fraud.

Police claim that Tanna had met J Dey two days before he was gunned down. More details are not available. But the police have said that it is not a big breakthrough — a sign that they don’t want to repeat their earlier mistake of announcing a big breakthrough only to let off the three arrested people for lack of any evidence.

Dey was gunned down two several days ago in broad daylight, allegedly because he was on the trail of some powerful criminal elements.