MTS offers free 3G data cards to postpaid users

The Russia-based operator MTS, which created a flutter by halving its standard call rates to half a paisa per second recently, has now offered free data modems (data cards) for those who pay three months’ bill in advance.

The scheme is available for those who choose either the Rs 699 per month scheme or Rs 799 per month scheme, only in the post-paid format. The customer can move to any other scheme after three months, MTS said.

The 3G dongle otherwise costs Rs 1,550.

The first scheme allows the customers to consume up to 3 GB of data per month — a moderate to heavy usage. For heavy users, the second scheme, Rs 799 per month, will be more suitable as it offers 6 GB of consumption per month.

MTS’s data cards work on CDMA 3G technology, called EVDO, and usually give around 1 Mbps of download speed.

MTS, desperate to increase its marketshare in the country, has been the most aggressive player in India in terms of tariff reduction over the last six months.

It also offers a free smartphone from HTC for those who commit to remain with it for one and a half years (see below).

It claims to have around 11 million wireless customers, many of whom are data-only users of modems.


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