19% of Indians’ email accounts were hacked: Survey respondents

Around 23% of the respondents have been victims of cyber attacks, according to the latest survey from Microsoft India. 19% per cent users reported email account hacking.

Indians, one of the most prolific cell phone users, are also equally ‘addicted’ to the Internet.

The survey found that around half of India’s Internet users spent close to around 5 hours a day on the Internet. Not surprisingly, the most popular Internet activity is social networking, 40% of online Indians do it.

India is estimated to have around 150 million Internet users, despite having just 18 million Internet connections, including around 11 million broadband connections. Thanks to its huge size, Indians make up one of the top five nationalities on the Internet, despite the fact that only around one-sixth of the country has ever logged on to the Internet.

The second most popular activity on the Internet for Indians is research, with 35 percent of the respondents claiming to have engaged in it online.

Around 22% said they use the Internet for entertainment, such as watching video etc.

However, the survey may not be representative of the Indian online population as a whole as it was hosted on a facebook page. It got around 1000 responses.

74% of the users worry about the hacking of their social networking account, 16 per cent worry about loss of personal data and only 5% are worried about losing credit card details — primarily a reflection also of the low credit card penetration in the country.


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