Arun Jaitley says home ministry responsible for the Ramdev episode

BJP has alleged that the crushing of Ramdev Baba’s agitation was planned three days before it was finally carried out on Saturday night.

Spokesperson Arun Jaitley said the events of the last four days have to be explained as a tussle between the hard line adopted by home minister P Chidambaram and the compromise path suggested by Finance minister Pranab Mukherjee.

“The plan to eject Baba from Ramlila Maidan by force was hatched three days before it was carried out,” Jaitley said.

However, he pointed out, Pranab Mukherjee seemed to have prevailed over the government to avoid such an action and urged them to talk to the Baba. This was accepted and talks started. But when criticism mounted of the Government’s ‘soft stance’, P Chidambaram got the upper hand in the government, he said.

“I had expected the cleaning up to happen on the 3rd or 4th of the month.. I had even remarked to the Uttarakhand chief minister on the 3rd, when I was in Lucknow, that they won’t let him sit in Delhi and he will be back very soon,” Jaitley said, adding that he was surprised that the government did not do the police action earlier.

He said the person who directed the attack on the sleeping crowd has to resign.

He also criticised the “arrogant faction” within the government for trying to crush democratic rights using the might and power of the government. “The ‘arrogant group’ was advocating the stand that ‘we are the government, we have the police, we have the force..'”

He questioned whether there was any leadership in the Government. “What sort of government is this in which one group pulls to this side, another pulls in the other.. and finally, there is no one who will stand up and take responsibility for the actions of the government,” he said.


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