Digvijay Singh attacks Mayawati Government over corruption, Bhatta Parsaul

The Congress has attacked the Mayawati government and threatened to bring out a ‘chargesheet’ of crimes committed by herself, her ministers and other BSP leaders.

In an effort to take the attention away from the Ramdev episode, Congress leader Digvijay Singh — famous for his personal attacks on Congress’ rivals — rued the “corruption” in UP.

“We will put together the chargesheet.. It will expose how the BSP leaders have captured land, how mafia rule is happening in UP, how PWD, liquor contracts are all sold [in corrupt fashion,” Singh said.

Singh also raked up the issue of alleged police atrocities in Bhatta Parsaul where it accuses the state government of using force against farmers. Police had to resort to after a protest by farmers turned violent and was allegedly infiltrated by goons.

“We will go to the 30 June nearest place to Bhatta Parsaul, if UP government does not allow us to hold a meeting in Bhatta Parsaul,” Digvijay Singh said.

Critics are pointing out that the same Congress which is highlighting the plight of an armed farmer protest being put down is also justifying use of armed policemen against unarmed women and children at Ramlila ground.