Ramdev ‘forgives’ the PM, but calls him a liar

Still continuing his fast and agitation, Yog guru Baba Ramdev said today morning that he has forgiven Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

The statement, made in his morning sermon, came hours after Manmohan Singh made his own climb-down, calling the caning of peaceful protestors “unfortunate.”

“He has accepted his sin.. I have forgiven him for it,” Baba said, referring to Manmohan’s statement.

However, the Baba said the Prime Minister lied when he said he was forced to cane the protestors — a large chunk of whom were elderly women — as there was no other option.

“He accepted his sin, but he also lied again. He said he had no other option. That is a lie,” Baba said.

He also added that the country will never forgive him for blemishing India’s democracy.

The midnight crackdown on sleeping protesters has drawn nearly universal condemnation from across the political and social spectrum, with barely anyone willing to support the Government’s action.

The Government and the Congress party said they were afraid of a ‘Babri Masjid’ like situation emerging out the fast and had to act fast. Baba has countered the argument by pointing out that there were no inflammatory speeches and that his own protesters were of the peaceful sort.

Baba also asked the Police to return the tapes on which Baba’s followers had recorded the crack-down. “It is because they know they have committed violations that they have confiscated the tapes,” he said.


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