Anna and civil society leaders seize Ramdev moment to strike Government

The Civil Society leaders led by Anna Hazare and company have decided to go on with the planned fast on Wednesday in an effort to turn up the heat on the Government.

Shanti Bhushan, co-chair of the bill drafting committee, said that the civil society members will continue to participate in the meetings only if government comes out clean on the issue.

The leaders have appealed for the maximum public participation on Wednesday in their fast — against the section 144 imposed in the area.

Bhushan said that the Civil Society members were now insistent that the proceedings of the drafting committee — in which the government allegedly tries to water down the Lokpal bill — be opened up to TV channels for live transmission.

“Participation in the next meeting will depend on.. whether they agree to the meeting to be televised, so that people will know why the government does not agree..,” he said after a meeting of the civil society leaders today.

He urged the government to come clear on its position and the leaders have decried the Prime Minister’s ‘yes or no’ questionnaire sent to chief ministers. “Let them make it clear.. because we are drafting a bill which will have the full backing of the people,” Bhushan said.

“You don’t prepare a questionnaire of six yes or no questions.. It was not even discussed in the Committeee.. It is this sort of callousness that we are concerned about,” Kiran Bedi, one of the leaders, commented on the Prime Minister’s questionnaire on whether he should be included in Lokpal etc.. sent to chief ministers and others.


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