Baba Ramdev says Government planned to hurt him and blame others

Baba Ramdev has accused the Delhi Police of trying to hurt or kill him and put the blame on the minority community living near the protest venue of Ramlila Venue.

He said that the Police are coming up with an alleged letter written by Islamic terrorists threatening to harm him, but he suspected the Police of having forged the letter.

“They tried to set fire to the tent… They beat our workers who were trying to put out the fire. The workers are here,” he said at the new protest venue in Haridwar.

He said the Police even planned to explode a bomb at the venue and blame Islamic terrorists for it.

On Sunday, shortly after negative reactions started coming out on the crackdown, the Delhi police came out with an explanation that the midnight crackdown was necessitated by a threat to Baba Ramdev.

Even before the crackdown, the Baba had pointed to a conspiracy against him by the government, promising to reveal its details if the talks with the government failed. Baba also held up a letter which he claimed was a forged letter written by the security agencies and made to look like it was coming from Islamic terrorists.

This is the latest in a series of conspiracy theories surrounding the unsavory episode — described by many as a blemish on India’s democracy. Another theory suggests that Baba was initially encouraged by the Government with the hope of cultivating a rival power centre to the middle-class agitation hero Anna Hazare and his accomplices. However, the plan backfired after the Baba ‘backtracked’ on his word and insisted on real action against black money and refused to call off the agitation.