Congress’ RSS fear led to Ramdev reaction

A strongly worded statement from commerce and industry minister Anand Sharma points to the fear and distrust gripping the Congress and government about Baba Ramdev and his agitation.

In an unusual statement, the normally circumspect Anand Sharma — increasingly assertive of his voice in the party — gave a clear picture of the fear of a “diabolic and sinister political agenda” that the Congress believes underlies Ramdev’s movement.

He rejected the attempts by media to portray the vision that India is full of scams and corruption as part of such an agenda.

Reflecting the Congress party’s reading of the situation — that Ramdev’s agitation is a front for the BJP — he said:

“Ramdev’s agitation was a coalition of a partisan political agenda and political forces rejected by democratic processes in recent elections. Hiding behind the mask were communalist and fascist forces- Bajrang Dal, RSS and VHP which had at their heart an aim to destabilize Indian polity,” he said.

The protests (though peaceful) would destabilize India and are therefore “unacceptable and cannot be allowed,” he said.

He wondered by BJP was calling for peaceful agitation as it has inherited the legacy of the Hindu right, which, in his opinion, never believe in peaceful protests.

“Their proposed satyagraha at Rajghat is truly an insult to the memory and the values espoused by the father of the nation,” he said.