Advani demands a special emergency session of Parliament

Senior BJP leader has asked for an emergency session of the Parliament to discuss “corruption issues” surrounding the government.

“We want an emergency session of the Parliament to discuss how deeply immersed this government is in corruption.. to discuss the black money issue,” he said.

Advani warned that the trends seem to be hinting at a repeat of the emergency situation that he was witness to in 1975-77.

“This has become a turning point in India’s democracy,” he said, adding that he saw no way for the Government to continue in its present fashion.

The BJP has already launched a 24-hour agitation to protest the violent dispersal of Baba Ramdev’s protest in Delhi.

Advani also hinted that he has reached out to traditional ally Jayalalitha to ensure co-operation in the next general election. “I have spoken to Jayalalitha..,” he said, adding that the DMK is being made a “scape-goat” for all the corruption of the central government.


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