Anna Hazare calls police action strangulation of democracy

Veteran Gandhian Anna Hazare has condemned the police action against Baba Ramdev.

“This is like strangulating democracy. The entire country must oppose this, irrespective of political affiliation.. There will be another big campaign against this kind of action that will teach a lesson to the Government,” he said.

Hazare pointed out that the government did not seem to understand the fundamental role played by peaceful protests and agitations in a democracy. “Peaceful protests make the democracy stronger, not weaker,” he said, agreeing that there may be short-comings in Swami’s campaign and requests, but they did not warrant the putting down of a peaceful protest through force.

He pointed out that the police was lathi-charging women and children. “Why was this done at midnight,” he asked.

He said he is on his way to Delhi to speak to his comrades to decide on the future course of action.


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