Narendra Modi attacks Manmohan Singh over Baba Ramdev episode

Gujarat Chief minister Narendra Modi has attacked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for the use of force against Baba Ramdev.

“This is the fault of the Prime Minister, not of Sheila Dixit. This is your doing. Do not say that you did not know about this, you were not aware of this, you were not asked about it.. This wrongdoing is that of the Delhi Sultanate,” he said.

He exhorted the young people of India to raise their voice against injustice, hinting that BJP plans to take up the cause strongly.

“This land will not bow before injustice… Let this country not bow before injustice,” he said.

He called Congress’ attitude towards the campaign as duplicitous. “The same ministers who were going to meet the Baba and talk to him are now calling him a cheat,” he alleged.


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