Congress says Baba was inciting people, had to act

Congress spokesperson Digvijay Singh said the agitation by Baba Ramdev was broken up as he did not have the permission to undertake a fast.

“He was given permission only for conducting a Yoga-camp… Instead, he was inciting the people… He’s talking to us calmly in Claridges Hotel, but immediately goes to the Maidan and incites people,” he said.

Singh said the protests were broken up to prevent law and order problems in the National capital.

“He was asking his followers to come to Delhi… What would have happened to the normal life in the city? People would not have been able to move about. The city would have come to a stand-still,” he said.

In one of the rarest cases of police action against a peaceful demonstration, the government forcible broke up a protest of around 50,000 people late night on Saturday. Baba Ramdev was demanding action against those who hoard unaccounted for money, and softened his stand in the evening.

He had said that he will withdraw his agitation if the government declares all unauthorized foreign funds a national asset — implying that any such fund will belong to the Government. It is believed that many corrupt officials and industrialists have billions of dollars stashed away in foreign bank accounts, especially those in Switzerland.


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