Baba-Government talks restarted

Ramdev Baba, the Yogi leading a nationwide demonstration against illicit money, has taken a two hour break seven hours into his ‘fast unto death’ program.

He said he is taking the break to talk to the Government, pointing to ongoing efforts by the UPA to get the Baba to stop his agitation.

“There will not be any hide-and-seek games here. Whatever the government proposes, will be announced on the stage… We are not here to revolt or insult or criticise the government.. We are here to represent the desire for prompt action against black money,” he said.

Baba also said that he wants the government to give in writing what they want to promise.

The move is a drastic change from the uncompromising stand taken by the government during the last similar agitation led by Anna Hazare.

Baba and an estimated 50,000 followers are fasting and demonstrating to force the government to take strong action to crack down on illegal funds stashed away by the corrupt and tax-evaders.


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