Al Qaeda terrorist Ilyas Kashmiri killed in a drone attack

According to the BBC an Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist and one of the main accused in the Mumbai terror attack,Ilyas Kashmiri,fell victim to the drone attack. He along with nine other terrorists were killed in a US drone attack in the south Waziristan tribal region according to the residents of the area.

The BBC Urdu service says that the US drones targetted a located some 20 km away from the main city Wana in south Waziristan.

Though the local residents confirm the death of nine people in the attack, however there is no confirmation from the government about the death of the Kashmiri.

Some reports say that all the dead terrorists belong to the Panjabi Taliban.

Kashmiri is reported to have moved to Wana from the Khyber tribal region ten days ago.

If the report of Kashmiri death comes out to be true this would be the second major success of the US forces against the Al Qaeda and the Taliban after the killing of Osama bin Laden last month.