Government may ban Ramdev’s fast

The Government of India is considering legal options to prevent Yoga guru Baba Ramdev from conducting his massive fast cum demonstration in Delhi’s Ramlila grounds, according to sources.

The Government, which has already tried to reason with the Baba, feels that allowing him to hold a fast in full public glare will lead to instability.

Government, however, is exploring all other options, including conducting checks on whether such a ban will stand the scrutiny of law. Indian constitution guarantees the right of expression to its citizens and peaceful protests are covered under the rights, according to legal experts.

Unlike Anna, Baba Ramdev has crores and crores of followers and many of them are emotionally close to the Yoga and spirituality teacher.

The government and the Congress party is also keen to nip Baba Ramdev’s political ambitions. The fast is seen as the first step towards the launch of a political party by the Yoga guru.

Baba Ramdev is the most influential spiritual leader in the country and has already announced that he will form a party to field candidates in the next general elections in 2014.



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