HC order on Kanimozhi’s bail reserved

The Delhi High Court has reserved its order on DMK leader Kanimozhi’s bail plea, indicating that Kanimozhi still stands a chance of getting bail.

Bollywood financier and Cineyug head Karim Morani’s bail plea was rejected earlier this year, leading to speculation that Kanimozhi’s plea too will meet the same fate. None of the alleged conspirators arrested in connection with the $10 billion 2G scam have got bail as the Courts at all levels found them liable to tampering with evidence and influencing witnesses if released.

Kanimozhi’s case is being pushed as ‘special’ since she is a mother. All the others are men.

As expected, the Central Bureau of Investigation opposed Kanimozhi’s bail too, pointing out that she was an influential political leader and releasing her on bail would be detrimental to the investigation of the case. There are eight core witnesses who are expected to testify against Kanimozhi. A change in their statements can affect the CBI’s case against Kanimozhi.

When an order is reserved, the Court is free to pronounce it later after it has finished making up its mind.