Gunpowder found outside Gargi college in Delhi

Gunpowder, filled in a card-board box, has been found in a Gargi college in Delhi. Police are reporting that a battery and wires were also found in the box, which is not being called a ‘crude bomb’ yet.

The police found no detonators or fuse of any kind, leading them to speculate that the purpose behind the event was just to scare Delhiites. Just last week, a small crude bomb went off without event outside the Delhi High Court.

“This is not something that could have exploded.. It’s probably a prank or a mishief,” said Amulya Patnaik, joint commissioner of Delhi Police.

Gargi College lies in the South-Centre of Delhi near the famous Siri Fort auditorium and complex.

The police have dismissed the discovery as little more than a prank. “We think someone just took out the powder inside 3-4 big firecrackers and filled up a box with it,” said a police source.

The package was found near the Gargi College bus stop, which is usually packed during these days due to the rush for admissions.

Police suspect that the same person or persons may be behind the ‘mock bombs’ found at Gargi and the High Court and may be trying to send a signal to the law enforcement authorities. The Delhi Police public relations officer, however, dismissed such suggestions as the latter arrangement was an amateurish job.

Firecracker powder is made with Phosphorous, Ammonium Nitrate, Pottassium Nitrate or other similar substances.