Clinton warns Pakistan anti-Americanism and conspiracy theories won’t do any good

Hillary Clinton warned Pakistan against getting into a trap of Anti-Americanism and conspiracy theories while ignoring the real dangers that the country faces.

In an apparent response to the turbulent domestic scene — where many fundamentalists leaders are calling for a anti-American measures from Pakistani government in return for the Osama killing and drone attacks — Clinton said:

“Part of friendship is telling each other our perspectives and disagreements.. Anti-Americanism and conspiracy theories will not help Pakistan solve its problems.”

Many in Pakistan are turning to conspiracy theories — such as that Israel and Jewish conspiracy was behind the Osama bin Laden episode and even that Osama was not really dead, but his killing was all stage-managed to embarrass Pakistan.

She was making a statement in Islamabad after arriving there to hold discussions with the Pakistani government.

Clinton, the Secretary of State in the Obama administration, urged Pakistan to step up and do its duty in fighting the terrorists who threaten it as much as anyone else.

“Pakistan must help us help Afghanistan by stopping insurgents from waging war against Afghanistan from its territories,” she reminded.

It was not all ‘teacher talk’ though. She expressed solidarity with the people of Pakistan in an attempt to reach out and soothe nerves that have been frayed by the unilateral US military action to kill Osama bin Laden.

She reminded the people of Pakistani founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s vision for the country and said she was sure that Pakistani people will outlive their hours of darkness to realize it.

“Pakistan’s best days are ahead and the US wants to be there as you move into a future that you were promised,” she pointed out.

Clinton was talking after meeting with the President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousaf Gilani.