High Court bomb was designed to explode the car nearby: Police sources

The crude bomb that exploded in the Delhi High Court parking was supposed to set off a second explosion using the nearby car, Delhi police officials suspect.

According to them, they are now coming round to the theory that the bomb was carefully planted for maximum impact.

“It had nails and bolts in it and was primarily designed to damage the nearby car.. The bomb was supposed to make the car’s fuel tank explode creating a big explosion,” the source said.

The police also point out that there was a timer in the bomb which was go off exactly when all the staff and lawyers from inside the Delhi High court would be coming out for lunch.

The investigations are now on to trace who could be behind the abortive attempt.

The car has been traced to a lawyer named Rajeev Jain who has been cleared of any suspicion. There was no checking or surveillance in the car parking, the police pointed out, adding that the compound lay outside the Court premises.

On Wednesday, a small bomb exploded near a parked car in the parking area of the Delhi High Court. The explosion did not cause any human injury, but damaged the nearby Ford Figo car.

Lawyers have called for an increase in the level of security in the area — lying at the heart of Delhi and close to the India Gate monument and a stone’s throw away from the Supreme Court.


High Court crude bomb had ammonium nitrate, nails, bolts and timer

Delhi High Court explosion caused by crude bomb