We are with Pakistan on fighting terror: Cameron-Obama

US President and UK PM David Cameron extended their support to Pakistan in its fight against terrorism, making it clear that they don’t intend to ‘walk away’ from the beleaguered state reeling from terror attacks.

“Pakistan has suffered more from terrorism than any other country. Their enemy is our enemy. We need to work with them,” Cameron said.

The endorsement to Pakistan has come in the wake of calls by the Pakistani government for international support to counter the terrorists that threaten to over run the country. A prestigious and high-security Naval base was attacked in the country earlier this week where Islamic terrorists destroyed several core equipment and planes.

The two also reiterated their support for the ‘bloggers toppling dictators’ in the Middle East — the Arab uprising against autocratic governments.

“The President and I are agreed, we will stand with those who work for freedom,” Cameron added on the Arab uprising.

“He must go,” he said on Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

“We are both committed to doing everything we can to support people who reach for democracy,” Obama said, adding that he continues to oppose those who use force against demonstrators.

“We will continue those operations (in Libya) until Gadaffi’s attacks against his people cease,” Obama added.

Cameron and Obama were speaking immediately after a ‘barbecue’ for the British soldiers who lost their lives in the War on Terror.

Obama is on a diplomatic visit to Britain, shortly after he started off in Ireland earlier this week. Obama is on his way to other European countries including Poland after the British visit.

British PM David Cameron is keen to highlight the close relationship between the US and Britain and to prove to his voters that the two countries continue to enjoy good relations.


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