Delhi High Court explosion caused by crude bomb

The Delhi High Court explosion was caused by an unidentified package left near the Ford Figo car, and not inside the car as suspected earlier.

Dharmendra Kumar, Commissioner for Law and Order in Delhi said the suspected package was left near the car and may have contained explosive substance.

“The Forensics team are on their way and they will tell us whether there were explosives and if so, what explosive,” he said.

The package has been sent to a government forensic laboratory for examination and the results are expected to come out in a few hours.

There were metal nails in the explosive package, eye witnesses said.

The advocate whose car has been mauled has been identified as Advocate Rajeev Jain.

It was initially suspected to be just a mechanical explosion, but the police is now calling it a crude bomb.

The Anti Terrorism Squad, the Delhi Police Special Cell, a Central Forensics team and a SWAT team have been deployed in the area. The police have ruled out any involvement by the advocate whose car was closest to the explosion.

Kumar said the explosion is not a failure on the part of the Police since the incident happened outside Court compound. “This site is open to the public and is difficult to be manned as we do it at the entry to the Court,” he said.

Eye-witnesses said that the explosion threw red coloured powder as well as some “foam” all around the spot, raising the prospect that the explosive may be the same as was used in the Mehrauli blast in Delhi.


Minor explosion near Delhi High Court