Suicide bomb hit Peshawar police station

Taliban is keeping the heat continuing on the Pakistan police, army and American establishment.

In the latest attack, fourth since Osama’s death on May 2, a suicide bomb struck the Peshawar police station this morning killing at least four and wounding 22.

Police said that the blast was so powerful that it flattened the building. Search for survivors is still on.

The police station is located close to the army facilities and the US consulate.

Among the last four blasts that took place post Osama the deadliest was in the north-west two weeks ago when 80 people lost lives in twin suicide bombings.

According to the local police the target of the latest attack was the building that housed the police’s criminal investigation department.

News agency AFP quoting Liaqat Ali, Chief of Peshawar police, says that “It was a huge blast which completely destroyed the three-storey building.

The location of the attack was chosen keeping in mind the proximity of the police station with the Peshawar’s cantonment area and the US consulate.

Talking to AFP a spokesperson of Pakistan’s Taliban Ehsanullah Ehsan says that “We will further step up these attacks to avenge Osama Bin Laden’s martyrdom”.

Talibans in Pakistan have been warning of more attacks so long US drone attacks and Pakistani military operations in the tribal regions bordering Afghanistan continues.