Pakistan government suspects state-backed players behind PNS Mehran attack

Rehman Malik, Pakistan’s Interior Minister has urged people to not jump to conclusions about who was behind the attack on PNS Mehran , but described them as ‘fair and sharp-featured.’ He also seemed to hint at state-supported groups.

Malik said none of the attackers were arrested alive, but the forces found three bodies.

He also clarified that there were only 4-6 attackers, not 10 or 12.

Two seemed to have escaped, he added.

“They were very fair. They had very sharp features, 20-30 or 35.. They were not wearing Salwar Kameez (Pakistan dress.) They had western clothes. They had one-inch beards,” Malik said.

“We will soon be establishing their origins and ethnicity,” he said. He said no one has been arrested and dismissed rumors that the attackers were from Punjab [in Pakistan.] “Please don’t spread any rumor.. The Taliban have claimed responsibility.. But we will investigate and find out where they are from,” he said.

He pointed out that the terrorists had rocket launchers. “Rocket launchers are not there with ordinary terrorists.. They are supplied only to states. That is why I ask you to be patient before jumping to conclusions about who is behind this. This episode shows to what extent Pakistan’s enemies will fall to make us weaker,” he pointed out.

“We are the victim of war, please listen to us with sympathy. We have 9/11 every day. Trust us, we need your support,” he asked the international community.

Pakistani security forces have managed to neutralize a group of suspected Taliban fighters who attacked the Naval base near Karachi.


Rehman Malik says extremists helping Pakistan’s enemies