Taliban deny the death of Mullah Omar

The air of uncertainty still hangs over the fate of the Taliban chief Mullah Omar.

Unconfirmed reports emerging from a TV station in Kabul says that the one eyed chief of the terrorist organization,Mullah Omar, has been killed on his way from Quetta to North Waziristan.

Reuters news agency quoting the Taliban
spokesperson denies the news.

“The report about the death of Mullah Omar is merely a propaganda to demoralize Mujahideen. Mullah Omar is alive. He is inside Afghanistan and is leading Mujahideen against foreign troops,” said Zabihulla Mujahid, the Taliban spokesperson.

Earlier Kabul based TOLO TV broke the news of the killing of the most wanted terrorist.
“Mullah Omar was killed on way from Quetta to North Wazirustan, ” TOLO television revealed in its news bulletin.

After TOLO other Kabul based TV channels have also confirmed the death of the Taliban chief.

There is however no official confirmation about the death of Mullah Omar.

American forces have been in hunt for the Taliban chief since 2001 ever since the collapse of his regime in Kabul.

If the news finally turns out to be true it would be a turning point in the fight against terror.

The blow to the Taliban comes within three weeks of the killing of the Al Qaeda chief,Osama bin Laden at Abbotabad in Pakistan.

If it comes out true that Omar was killed in Quetta Pakistan will come under severe international condemnation for harbouring the terrorist groups.

Pakistan has still to come out from the all round international condemnation after the discovery of Laden very close to the military headquarter in Abbotabad.