Terrorists kill Congress worker in Kashmir after elections

Days after the successful conclusion of state-wide Panchayat elections in Jammu and Kashmir, a Congress workers has been beheaded in the Kishtwar area.

According to security forces, the Lashkar-e-Toiba, a member of the al-Qaida terror network, is responsible for the slaughter.

Abdul Ghani Rather was active on the part of the Congress party in the just concluded Panchayat polls.

Despite a warning by the terrorists to people not to participate in the ‘Indian’ elections, the polls saw one of the highest voter turn-outs in the recent past – as much 77% in some phases. The Congress won a large number of seats in the elections.

Ghani Rather’s is the latest of a series of attacks on political workers by terrorists. Armed insurrectionists have been fighting for the establishment of a separate, more Islamic republic in Kashmir, or for the merger of the state with the Islamic state of Pakistan.