Arrow Greentech gets US patent for self-destructive packaging film

arrow-greentechArrow Greentech, a Mumbai based packaging solution provider, said it has received a patent from United States Patent and Trademark Office for self-destructive packaging film which is also water soluble.

The water-soluble packaging film will also be embedded with various security elements which will get destroyed irreversibly upon final usage. The whole package along with its contents gets destroyed once the package is dissolved in water, added the company.

This process of self-destruction will control the duplication of package or alteration of the product inside the package, it said.

This invention will help in brand protection of many multinational and transnational agro-chemical companies, FMCG companies and cosmetic industry, the company added.

“The patent also covers track and trace Technology to control grey markets. Our agreement with UK based Trace Tag Limited will also add value to this business opportunity.”

“Brands are created after spending huge amount money and time. It is a long-standing need of industry to develop efficient and cost effective methods for the manufacture of fool-proof security package for controlling piracy, simulation, alteration or duplication of original products in diverse applications and especially an unique all-encompassing packaging film that is capable of irreversibly destroying itself upon usage. Counterfeiting constitutes a serious and growing problem that is not specific to any industry. While hard data about the size of this market in illicit trade is hard to determine because criminals who traffic in counterfeits do not keep financial records or report their sales, according to the International Chamber of Commerce.”, said the company.