Paypal increases refund claim time period from 60 to 180 days

paypalPayPal, one of the world’s leading payments platforms, today said it has extended the time available for filing a refund claim from 60 days to 180 days to facilitate easy refunds for customers and merchants.

The extended refund period will be applicable for all PayPal users and will cover both goods and services, said the company.

With the extension merchants will get more time to address customer concerns and process refunds in a smooth and efficient manner allowing them to manage queries independently and in turn reduce the number of escalations thereby helping them to control their fund flow.

Anupam Pahuja, Managing Director of PayPal India said, “Ensuring smoother transactions in a safe and secure manner is key for PayPal. The extended refund period is another step towards improving the user experience and enabling them to manage refunds effectively thereby increasing customer delight. An extended refund window is a manifestation of our vision of being a customer centric organization and an enabler of smoother digital payments.”

The move is in line with PayPal’s recent announcements that have been focused on making the entire user experience more collaborative, convenient and secure for merchants and consumers.