42,157 Mumbai users switch to Tata Power in FY16, total consumer base over 2 mln

Tata Power ConsumerTata Power, one of India’s largest integrated power companies, said 42,157 power consumers in Mumbai moved to its network from those of its competitors last financial year, helping the company’s total subscriber base cross 2 mln.

Tata Power supplies power to households directly in Mumbai and Delhi — two areas where privatization of electricity distribution was carried out ahead of others in India.

The number of new direct consumers in Mumbai was only 18,511.

In both Delhi and Mumbai, Tata Power’s main competitor is Reliance Infrastructure, part of the Anil Ambani group. Tata Power did not clarify whether the 42,157 number included the impact of those who left its network, or whether it was a ‘gross’ figure that was not adjusted to reflect the number of people who left its network to join Reliance Infrastructure’s network.

The two companies are engaged in intense competition, particularly in Mumbai, where the same apartment complex can have supply from both Reliance and Tata.

The company’s Mumbai consumer base rose by 10.5% during the last financial year (2015-16) to 6.64 lakh from 6.04 lakh.

It had 15.15 lakh consumers in Delhi at the end of March. However, the company did not reveal how many new consumers it was able to add in Delhi.