Mumbai based company claims to make water-absorbing synthetic fabric

fiberwebA Mumbai based company, Fiberweb India, has claimed to have setup facility to modify water repellant properties of polypropylene fabric and transform it into a water absorbing (hydrophilic) substance.

Polypropylene, like most petroleum-based synthetic fibers, repels water. This property, while useful in some cases, also makes it unsuitable in other use-cases, such as in making sanitary napkins, diapers, wipes, etc.

The company added that the it was also successful in imparting properties to the material that give it resistance to ultraviolet (UV) rays and insects, as well as make it “air permissible”.

The UV material has great value in agricultural field as it protects the crop from burning by sun-rays, protects against insects and also it permits air to pass through which is very important for agricultural crop and is being used in U.S.A., U.K., Europe and Middle East in areas where heat is in the range of 48-52 degree celcius, said the company.

They further claim to have developed fabrics for fire protection and their soft and non abrasive special material to be in research stage.

“There are variety of uses of our fabrics in furniture industry, filtration process,
Road construction etc., to name few,” the company said.

“The Pilot marketing of the products has given overwhelming response in the Market of developed countries like U.S.A., U.K. and Europe,” it added.