Godrej launches Good Knight “baby safe” mosquito repellents

GodrejGodrej is bringing to market a natural, baby safe and non-skin application mosquito repellents range of products which are paediatrician certified, said the company.

The baby-safe mosquito repellent market is currently dominated by Odomos which makes mosquito repellent skin cream.

Godrej said it expects its product “Good Knight Patches” to be more appealing as it does not have to be applied directly on the skin, but on clothes. It is also made from 100% natural ingredients according to the company.

“Consumers don’t like current cream products due to skin application, poor sensorial and perception of harmful chemicals, moreover they do not prefer expensive and low quality imported products,” the company said.

Based on consumer feedback on Fabric Roll On product format, the company said, 82% consumers expressed intention to purchase and 90% consumers found the product relevant.

In addition to the patch format it is also launching roll-on and gel versions of the product.

The company further added that advertisements spends are very low for the category.