India Iron Ore output up 43% in June, Bauxite up 36%


The output of Iron Ore shot up 42.6% in July this year as some of the restrictions on the iron ore production was lifted this year.

Bauxite, from which Aluminium is made, also saw a jump of 35.5% in output in June this year. Similarly, Chromite production also increased 34.9%.

India had put curbs on the production of iron ore in its top-producing state Goa after reports of irregularities. That ban was lifted and production resumed about a year ago.

Gold, which is produced in negligible quantities in India, also saw a rise of 14%.

Overall mining and quarrying sector for the month of June grew by 4.7% to Rs 18,344 crore compared to the same period in the previous year, said the Ministry of Mines.

The cumulative growth for the period April-June this year over the previous year stood at 2.3%, added the ministry.

The top important minerals that showed negative growth were Apatite & Phosphorite (-80.7%), Zinc conc. (-44.2%) and Lead conc. (-17.8%).


In terms of value, the contribution of coal was the highest at Rs 7,171 crore (39%).

Next in the order of importance were: Petroleum (crude) Rs 5,393 crore, Natural gas (utilized) Rs 2,077 crore, Iron ore Rs 1,802 crore, Limestone Rs 584 crore and Lignite Rs 517 crore.

These six minerals together contributed about 96% of the total value of mineral production in the month of June, added the ministry.