Vamaship offers int’l ecommerce shipping of gems & jewelery at Rs 999

Vamaship CEO Bhavik Chinai
Vamaship CEO Bhavik Chinai

Vamaship,a company that connects shippers with logistic companies, said it has launched  new service for international e-commerce shipping from Mumbai for the gems and jewellery industry starting from Rs 999 onwards for door-to-door delivery.

The customer can book the shipment on the Vamaship website and track shipments through their mobile app and on the platform added the company.

Vamaship has partnered with BVC Logistics for providing this service the company said.

India is the world’s leader in the gems and jewelery business, with a majority of the polishing and finishing of diamonds and other precious stones happening in the country.

However, Indian businessmen typically do not own their own retail stores for these items in global centers like London. E-commerce could open the international market for Indian gems and jewelery players as they could now target these markets via the web.