DBS taps Siri-like artificial intelligence to ease banking pains


Customers of DBS, one of the leading banks in Asia, will soon be able to carry out their banking operations by via text chat.

Customers will be able to use natural text messaging to converse with DBS from their favourite mobile messaging app, manage their money across accounts, track expenses and even make payments in the process, said the bank.

The new service has been introduced based in the research that showed the people are spending more time on messaging apps, added the company.

For example, if customers want to check their balance in their bank accounts, they can simply text “How much do I have?” which will be answered promptly added the company.

DBS said they have partnered with US-based Kasisto, which was earlier owned SRI International, the creator of the technology behind Siri (Apple’s voice assistant).

Olivier Crespin, Group Head of Digital Bank said that, “We are looking forward to rolling out banking via messaging to our customers in our key markets and we believe they will find this service to be useful and relevant to them.”

Besides DBS, many other consumer-facing companies are increasingly turning to machines to handle their customer interactions. Some software can even hold conversations with companies’ customers without letting them know that they are talking to a machine.

Some other recent initiatives in 2016 from the comany included introduction of a mobile app that customers are able to view their account balances with a simple swipe on their mobile devices or Apple Watch.