Idea, Vodafone, Airtel get new number series

Idea Cellular, Vodafone, Bharti Airtel and others got new mobile number series from the Department of Telecom last week.

Every time a new number series is allotted, the companies also get hold of premium numbers, such as 995000000 and so on.

Telecom operators are allocated new number series as and when they near exhausting the already allocated ones.

The higher number of new number series have been allocated to Bharti Airtel. The company has been allocated the 7356 series in Kerala, 7807 in HP and 9599 in Delhi.

Similarly, Tata Tele has been allocated 8297 in Kolkata, while Vodafone has been allocated 9512 in Gujarat. Uninor has been given the 9151 series in UP West, while Aircel has been given the 7301 series in Bihar andthe 7809 series in Orissa.

Earlier, only the 98 series used to be given to operators. Once that was exhausted, the 99, 93, 92, 97 and others were given. Over the past three years, the 8 series numbers were also given.

However, now, the 7 series numbers are also being given, as can be seen in the latest allocation.