BSE receives highest number of orders in a single day

Achhe din seems to have arrived for the stock market already as Asia’s first stock exchange, BSE, set a new record today by executing nearly 46.5 crore (465 mln) orders.

Earlier this year in April 2014, BSE had launched its equity trading platform software ‘BOLT Plus’. The BSE trading system (Bolt Plus) is based on T7, the global trading architecture of Deutsche Bourse AG.


The exchange claims to be the fastest in India. According to it, its core system has a response time of approximately 200 micro seconds, making it the fastest trading platform in the country. BSE’s new technology, which is open source and low cost can handle 5 lakh orders per second, the exchange said.

The record also comes in the wake of a strong run-up in the Indian stock markets in recent months. The markets are near their life-time highs set over the last few days.