SpiceJet to serve meals to pre-booked customers first

Unless you want to feel left behind, you might consider prebooking a meal next time you fly SpiceJet.

The airline today said customers with pre-purchased meals will be served meals first on board. Others will be served only after that.

The idea is to get more people to prebook their meals, as it helps the company order and stock food in advance.

“Customers also benefit as the pre-booked meal prices are lower than on-board, there is a greater choice of meals available for pre-booking, and they will get their meals served first,” it said.

SpiceJet had recently introduced extended online meal options for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian customers.

Pre-book-meal-webbanner-25-8-WCustomers pre-booking meals will have an added advantage to choose from the variety offered to them at a discounted price.

The airline has a partnership with TajSATS and Café Coffee Day (CCD), India’s premier in-flight catering providers, to offer a new range of enhanced food and beverage menu titled, ‘Hot Meals, Warm Smiles’.

“The new service will ensure superior experience through encouraging customers to pre-book their meals. This service change will not only help us in delivering food quickly and as per customer’s choice at reduced prices, but will also improve on-board service efficiency. By carrying what is actually going to be consumed this, will further reduce wastage as well as serve as an important element in cost reductiom,” said Mr. Kaneswaran Avili, Chief Commercial Officer, SpiceJet Ltd.

“This service change will also help us increase ancillary revenues, which together with innovative new products such as the all-new SpiceMAX, SpiceFlex, and Bag Out First will help us significantly increase ancillary revenues relative to previous levels”, Mr. Avili added.

SpiceJet also aims to bring about improved operational as well as on-board service efficiency, as this new policy would enable faster serving and clearing of food and would also reduce wastage.

Customers can pre-book their meals at the time of making their booking, or anytime after by using its portal. This facility is available also for tickets booked via travel agents, it said.