Hathway to launch 50 Mbps broadband in Hyderabad in May

Hathway Cable will launch its 50 Mbps broadband service in Hyderabad in May, followed by Delhi and Kolkata later this year.

According to an agency report, the cable service provider has already launched its 50 Mbps plans in Pune, Bangalore and Mumbai.


Hathway will charge about Rs 750 for 25 GB of usage at 50 Mbps.

The company is reportedly increasing the fibre density of its network to enable the transition from 2 Mbps to 50 Mbps.

According to the report, Hathway has around 4.3 lakh broadband subscribers. Hathway launched 50 Mbps service, based on Docsis 3 from Cisco, in Mumbai in October and has seen more than 60% of its broadband subscribers convert to the new plan from slower plans, the report said.

The cost of upgrading the modem will about Rs 500.

Hathway’s Docsis 3 signal now reaches about 1 mln of its 1.77 mln broadband signals, the report said. Asianet Cable, a division of Hathway, also recently launched Docsis 3 services in two cities in Kerala.