Indian phonemaker SWIPE reveals own operating system FREEDOM OS

swipeSWIPE, the Indian smartphone brand, has brought out its own version of Android called Freedom OS, adding features like 100 GB of cloud storage.

The operating system will make an appearance on SWIPE ELITE – the company’s upcoming Android phone that is going to be sold exclusively on from 19th August 2015.

Features of the SWIPE Freedom OS include localized search, support for off-screen gestures and SWIPE Box online storage facility.

“The Freedom OS supports both off-screen gestures as well as the home-screen gestures first time in India. That means that the user can just draw a “C” while the screen is off to open the camera app directly. Not just this, if the user quickly wants to check his/her mailbox while using the phone, s/he will have to pinch-in on her home screen and the mail inbox will open,” the company said.

Similarly, Swipe Search is a localized custom search engine that helps the users in identifying what they are looking for quickly with intelligent suggestions and allows users to search the Internet, local files and apps.

SWIPE also claimed that the Freedom OS will let users customize their phones more than they’ve been able to with stock Android. In fact, customizability has been a major selling point behind the popularity of Cyanogenmod – an Android-based operating system found on YU devices in India.

“Users get complete freedom in customizing the UI of their devices. They can customize a host of aspects on the UI according to their unique tastes. These include resizing icons, home screen layouts, app drawer customizations, fonts, animations, folder styles, notification bar and many more,” SWIPE said.

Shripal Gandhi, Founder and CEO, Swipe Technologies said the Freedom OS will be rolled out in waves, starting with customization of UI & the introduction of Swipe Box.

“Consumers prefer to customize their phones not only in terms of accessories, but also in terms of the User Interface (UI). Due to the limited UI customization available in the stock Android, Swipe has decided to design a product that allows users to hold a highly-customized UI.,” he said

“The FREEDOM OS has been tested throughout a long preview period & in future it is possible to offer some value added upgrades to our loyal customers. Rest assured we are working 24×7 to improvise on features and prioritizing the quality of UI experience over anything else,” he added.

About 65% of Swipe customers are in the age group of 18-30 years and it is proved that the Indian customer values quality above everything else. After putting a year-and-a-half on research & development, engineering team at Swipe has been making some great fixes and improvements to reliability and performance, the company said.